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Most people have a tough time when they are looking for decorations and collectibles. This is because most of them do not know the type of decorations they should select for their homes, and even for the people they love. However, when you visit Ivy Twig and Twine to buy your decorations and collectibles, you have to make sure that you are sure of the collectibles and decorations that will be perfect for you. This is because I have different types of decorations and collectibles for all my customers. In case you cannot identify the decorations and collectibles you want, you may go home with the wrong decorations and collectibles. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are aware of the types of decorations you need for your home or your loved ones. There are so many types of decorations and collectibles that you will find in Ivy Twig and Twine.
At Ivy Twig and Twine, I have so many types of religious Christmas decorations and collectibles to cater to the needs of all the customers who come to my shop looking for Christmas decorations and collectibles. Some of the Christmas decorations and collectibles that you can buy from Ivy Twig and Twine include:

Holiday celebrations and collectibles

Christmas is a holiday like any other holiday. Therefore, you deserve to have holiday decorations and collectibles to celebrate this holiday. There are different holiday decorations and collectibles that you will find in my shop. Some of these Christmas decorations and collectibles include;


This is one of the most popular Christmas collectibles that you can buy to celebrate the Christmas holiday. This is because e most people treasure the memories of lying on their floors beneath their Christmas tree watching their trains as they go round the track. There are different types of trains that you will get at Ivy Twig and Twine, which include antique toy trains and contemporary trains.

Dreams Santas

Santa Claus is one of the iconic Christmas symbols. They are made from a fabric that is called the clothtique. They may be expensive, but they have detailed faces, realistic costumes, and also vibrant colors


During Christmas, some people use the nutcrackers to decorate their houses. Therefore, it is a perfect collectible that you can buy.

Nativity scenes

To any Christians, nativities are a sign of the reason for the season they are celebrating.
Therefore nativity sets are religious Christmas decorations that mark the reason why people are celebrating this holiday. They are also perfect Christmas decorations and collectibles.

Vintage Christmas decorations

Some people still have their treasured Christmas ornaments that they were given when they were very young. These are some markings of the vintage Christmas collectibles, and they will always remind you about this beautiful holiday. To make sure that your vintage Christmas collection is full, I have other vintage religious ornaments and decorations for you at Ivy Twig and Twine. They include;

Shiny Brite ornaments

They are coated with silver nitrate and are decorated using vivid colors.

Christmas cards

Christmas cards are unique cards. They come with vintage images, and you can write any Christmas message that you have on them.

Wrapping paper

Another type of Christmas collectible that you will find is the wrapping papers. The colors of the Christmas wrapping papers are less vibrant, making them perfect for most people.


I also have candles that you can collect as part of your vintage religious ornaments and decorations. Some of the candle collectibles include plastic candelabras, reindeer, trees, snowmen, and choir children.


When you are looking for religious Christmas decorations, the lights can be perfect for you. They include the tree lights, figural lights, and bubble lights,

Cookie jars

A Christmas holiday cannot be perfect without cookies. This is why you have to ensure that you pick several cookie jars from my collections.

Christmas Decorations and Collectibles

Selecting The Best Christmas Decorations And Collectibles

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