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I. Antiqued White Rose Pot with Saucer Small $28, 5.25"x 5.5"

J. Antiqued White Rose Pot with Saucer Medium $31, 6.25"x 7"

K. Antiqued White Rose Pot with Saucer Large $41, 7.5"x 7.5"

L. Antiqued White Pot with Saucer Small $29, 6.5"x 5"

M. Antiqued White Pot with Saucer Medium $36, 7.5"x 6"

N.  Antiqued White Pot with Saucer Large $46, 10.25"x 7"

O.  Rose Pot with Saucer Small $28, 5"x 6"

P.  Rose Pot with Saucer Medium $29, 6"x 7.5"

Q. Rose Pot with Saucer Large $36,  7.5"x 8.5"

Antiqued Pots


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